CL002  YOLK  Yolk (cd) 1 – Snaky eye ball 2 – Happiness roof 3 – Is it 3? 4 – Déprime à bord 5 – A little shot in your moon 6 – Keep the god 7 – Metaliban 8 – More icon 9 – Flying undershot 10 – Scathodick surfers 11 – MMMC Yolk is the successful 6 head band (voice, guitar, bass, violin, saxophone,  drums) from Dunkerque, north of France, well known for their devastating live  appearances. His leader Valentin Carette is also known as Idiot Saint-Crazy,  Death Tube as well as a branch of other pseudonyms, and also has been seen  with Berthet, Le Junter and Kevin Blechdom, activities which resume the mad  and intense inventively of the guy! Acclaimed by such people like Magma, their unique cocktail of new music,  heavy experimental rock and Jewish tune-likes let imagine what could have do a  doped Magma which have copulate with Snakefinger, Univers Zero, Fred Frith  and the Canterbury scene! Powerful and crazy!!! SOLD OUT !!!