CL029   SHEEP ON DRUGS   Medication time (cd)   1 - Still ill 2 - 12 good years 3 - The joy division 4 - Hero on heroine 5 - Do it again 6 - Sex with strangers 7 - War on drugs 8 - Killing time 9 - Hard drive 10 - The end is nigh 11 - Diggywig Sheep on Drugs, the famous British cult techno-punk band emerged in the early 1990s  with their Grand Guignol style stage shows and a string of singles, including Motorbike,  15 Minutes of Fame and Track X (later covered by Grace Jones as Sex Drive !). 15  Minutes of Fame reached the lower reaches of the UK Singles Chart as did From A To  H And Back Again. Their Gareth Jones produced debut album, Greatest Hits, is released on Island  Records in 1993, acclaimed by the UK music press for its intense musical mixture of  sleazy rock, hard techno and punk nihilism.   After their second album On Drugs, they're signed by Martin Atkins' label Invisible  records for whitch they release 2 albums (One for the money and F**K) and a serie of  singles, remixes and live albums. Frontman Duncan X departed Sheep on Drugs  shortly afterwards to become a professional tattooist (though he does perform live with  the band sometimes).   After the release of F**K, Lee Fraser met and began working with Johnny Borden,  herself a singer and musician working within similar circles. Johnny was soon brought  onboard as Lee's partner in Sheep On Drugs' new 21st century incarnation and they  began gigging, developing new material which is released on their new album  Medication Time. Clubby, powerful and sarcastic, with a touch of psychedelism and some more melodic  moments, this 11 new dark electro-punk dancefloor hits see the band's return at their  best level. Like all their past releases, Medication Time is a pure Sheep on Drugs  album and sound like nothing else.   Duncan X is guest on 2 songs.   (digipack with a 16-pages booklet) Do it again (extract) Still ill (extract)