NEWS RELEASES SHOP BANDS NEWS Welcome to our brand new website! Some of the pages are still on construction (most of the  pages linked to the ‘band pages’ are still not activate, still few music to hear on the ‘release  pages’...) but there will be updated regularly, with infos, photos, music, exclusive content and  many other things...  23rd November 2016      NEW SEVEN PINES ALBUM : Sept chants pour Nini :    After years of (false) silence, Seven Pines, one of the most important  Gaë Bolg side project is back ! Weirdly, during all this discrete years, Seven Pines has been particularly  active and productive, with many collaborations, concerts and recording  sessions. 7 chants pour Nini is the first pearl of this enormous amount of  archives to see the light of day. Based on improvisations by Eric ROGER and Philippe RAYNAL (long  time collaborator of Seven Pines, Gaë Bolg and Silver Lady) realised  between 2000 and 2005, it has been entirely and drastically reworked  by Eric ROGER in 2007. Madly theatrical, dark and oppressive, it follows the feeling of  Nympholept but in a much weirder and insane way. A tasty mix of the  early Virgin Prunes, Rema Rema and Life Garden, with a small touch of  the best Nurse with wound. An unclassifiable, murky, possessed,  psychiatric and enjoyable album !   Highly recommended of course ! You can see the cover here and buy  the album here.   NEW CONCERT DATES : The Gaë Bolg experience : . 23rd of december : AUGAN (France) , le champ commun   . 18th of February : ROCHEFORT EN TERRE (France), Le café de la  pente   Seven Pines :   . 1st of April : ROCHEFORT EN TERRE (France), Le café de la pente  (creation for ceramic instruments built for the occasion, various potteries  and small ensemble, in collaboration with the Rochefort en Terre pottery  workshop and the European days of art handycraft)   Ithak et la compagnie Arti Zanat’:   . 26th of November : NEVERS (France), Espace Hessel (show begin at  7pm) CONCERTS CONTACT LINKS