BACK TO BANDS LISE N. DISCOGRAPHY on Le Cluricaun : . CL013 - Faire cailler le lait avec du sang de caille . CL169 - Faire cailler le lait avec du sang de caille - vidéos BIBLIOGRAPHY out of Le Cluricaun : . Les actes amanites (2008) Author, musician and performer, Lise N. was  born in the Real South. She writes, composes,  interpreter, elaborates a strange, sensual and  disturbing universe, in which evolves fluid  feelings, trembling landscapes and misled  flutes. Her very personal music reports a world  in the crossroads of the glances, in the limits of  the human being. Between poetry of the  unspeakable and dreamlike anthropology, her  music is an invitation in the disintegration of the  common senses.   She also collaborates with photographers,  videasts and musicians.   Her forthcoming projects includes one album  with Gaë Bolg, and one with Keny2.  Photo: Erik Damiano