BACK TO BANDS JACQUES BARBERI DISCOGRAPHY on Le Cluricaun : . CL040 - L’apocalypse des oiseaux (with Laurent Pernice)   out of Le Cluricaun : . Drosophiles et doryphores (with Laurent Pernice) (2004) . Une soirée au Lemnos Club (2008) (see also Palo Alto) BIBLIOGRAPHY out of Le Cluricaun : . Rêve de chair (with Emmanuel Jouanne) (1988) . Une soirée à la plage (1988) . Narcose (1989) . Guerre de rien (1990) . Station Labyrinthe (with Christian Manthey and Yves Ramonet as Zeb Chillicote) (1990) . Labyrinthe-jungle (with Yves Ramonet as Oscar Valetti  (1992) . La Mémoire du crime (1992) . L'Ombre et le fléau (with Yves Ramonet as Oscar Valetti  (1992) . Chair inconnue (with Yves Ramonet as Oscar Valetti  (1993) . Le Crépuscule des chimères (2002) . L’homme qui parlait aux araignées (2008) . Le tueur venu du Centaure (2010) . Le landau du rat (2011) Jacques Barberi was born in 1954 in Nice and  publishes novels and short stories since 1985. His  first text express themselves between the anvil of  the psychedelism and the hammer of the  punkitude. He practises the dental art before  creating a literary shock with Kosmokrim who  exposes his writer's main obsessions: the time,  the memory, the perception of the reality, the  creation of the myths and the metamorphoses of  the flesh. Themes which him are similar to  authors as J.G. Ballard or Philip K. Dick, but with  a weird taste for poetic and crazy spatial stories.   Jacques Barbéri writes for the TV, translates  novels of Italian, rages with his saxophone and   compositions towards Palo Alto and in duet with  Laurent Pernice. He lives today in Marseille.