CL014   GAË BOLG Petite introduction aux pratiques  des Gymnosophes (cd ltd 500)   1 - In taberna 2 - La fameuse marche Mogole 3 - Brevet de reminiscence perpétuelle 4 - Scoriez      (ftg Trublion 23 and Lise N.) 5 - La marche ethylik des empereurs manchots      (Trublion 23 version) 6 - Procession diurne      (Omne Datum Optimum / Trublion 23 version) 7 - Brevet de réminiscence perpétuelle      (Live dans le sud véritable) 8 - Danse des nains      (Live dans le sud véritable) 9 - ??? The long awaited brand new limited Gaë Bolg release is arriving! It takes the form of  a mini-album of the length of a whole album with only unreleased material. 4  powerful new tracks, 2 radical versions of Gaë Bolg songs (1 new, 1 old) by Trublion 23 and Omne Datum Optimum and 2 crazy and powerful live tracks (1 new, 1 old)   with the famous Gaë Bolg Live Band (Gaë Bolg, Omne Datum Optimum, Trublion  23, The Hysterical French Band, Karl Blake) + 1 mysterious ghost track… Petite introduction aux pratiques des Gymnosophes is, as the name suggests it, the  introduction to the forthcoming Gaë Bolg album Petit traité de Gymnosophie (to be  released end april 2009). It deals with happiness, craziness and human condition.   More powerful than ever, with a certain touch of psychiatric dancefloor, Petit traité  de Gymnosophie marks Gaë Bolg’s return to more immediate songs.  None of the  tracks present in this cd will be in the album.   (limited edition of 500 copies in digipack) SOLD OUT !!!