ELABETH001  GAË BOLG AND THE CHURCH  OF FAND  La vengeance de l’Ankou (pic 7”  ltd 55) Side A 1 - La vengeance de l’Ankou I 2 - La vengeance de l’Ankou II Side B 3 - Opéra pas mal A complement to the classic La ballade de l’Ankou, La vengeance de l’Ankou was  issued confidentially for Gaë Bolg’s hardest fans. La vengeance de l’Ankou I is an instrumental version of a classic Gaë Bolg song, La  vengeance de l’Ankou II an early version of a song issued from the Aucassin et  Nicolette sessions. Opéra pas mal was recorded during La ballade de l’Ankou session  and is an operatic cover version of the Silver Lady’s song. None of them have been re-released.   (picture disc limited edition to 55 copies in childish presentation) SOLD OUT !!!