CL033   GAË BOLG La box des fous (Boxset with 1 cd,  2cdr, 1 7”, 1 collage - ltd 25) Art boxset with : . La Nef des fous I (cd) . Le prince putatif (7”) . La poussée du printemps (cdr) . Le making of (cdr) . 1 excusive collage / piece of art Extraordinary art boxset which includes the album La nef des fous I (cd), the 7” Le prince putatif, the cdr  Le macking of, the cdr La poussée du printemps and 1 collage / piece of art.   All the boxset as well as all the collage / pieces of art are different and have been handly made by the  great artist Angelo Mion.   Le prince putatif is a transparent 7” with 2 unreleased songs in the vein of La nef des fous I.   Le making of is a 70 minutes cdr with an alternative version of La nef des fous I recorded on rehearsal, 1  unreleased song taken also on rehearsal as well as an extract of a rehearsal with orchestra.   La poussée du printemps is a cdr of around 1 hour with totally unreleased demo material of an  abandoned project.   The boxset was strictly limited to 25 copies, only 15 were for sale on subscription only.   SOLD OUT !!!