CL006  GAË BOLG AND THE CHURCH  OF FAND  L’appel de l’Ankou (cd ltd 555)  1 – Lux Aeterna 2 – Black Sabbath 3 – Interstice 4 – La valse de l’Ankou 5 – La danse du feu 6 – La danse de l’Ankou 7 – Larmes de sang (live) Another reissue of this mythic release of our great Master! Originally issued as a  picture 10” limited to 141 copies, L’appel de l’Ankou contain the famous original  tracks and club hits Black Sabbath, La valse de l’Ankou, La danse de l’Ankou as  well as the less known Interstice plus 3 very rare tracks (Lux Aeterna, La danse  du feu and Larmes de sang, live) issued from very limited and sold out  compilations.   All the songs have been completely remastered by the Master himself for a  much better sound than in their original appearance.   Clearly a pure festive release !!! (limited edition of 500 copies in dvd slim box with the original cartoonesque  artwork of Ars Magna 1118!) SOLD OUT !!!