BACK TO BANDS DEFICIT DES ANNEES ANTERIEURES DISCOGRAPHY on Le Cluricaun : . CL011 - Cinq faux nids six faux nez (with Palo Alto) . CL012 - Trois fois rien (with Palo Alto)  . CLXXX - Les Ambulants (reissue) (shedule 2015) out of Le Cluricaun : . Déficit Des Années Antérieures (1980) . Live In Acapulco (1981) . Action Et Démonstration Japonaise (1982) . Prehistoric Rejet (1983 ) . La Famille Des Saltimbanques (1984) . Les Ambulants (1984) . Lernen 5 (1985) . Building Nation / Noise For The Building (1986) . En Concert (1986) . Objet / Déficit Des Années Antérieures (1987) . Ronsard (1988) . Nouvelles Constructions Sonores Sur Fondations visuelles (1991) . Nouveaux Bouinages Sonores (Dans La Période) (1992) . La Conférence Maracayace (2000) . 20 Ans De Vieille Musique Nouvelle (2001) Stemming from School of Fine Arts of Caen and  active since the beginning of the 80s in France,  DDAA is the most known by the unknown  groups of comment-punk experimental-indus-  dadaïste, radical and contorted.   DDAA does not leave indifferent in the search  for sounds by means of primary, spontaneous  methods, an “anti-pop” with absurd sentences  which act as "tune", as disturbing borborygmi, as  singings numbed with tribal percussions and the  other rough concrete sounds, as a cloud of sand  in the picnic.   The amateurs of Tuxedomoon or Nurse With  Wound will find their account there, while  discovering this inheritance of the scene(stage)  of Ralph records, Fred Frith, etc., and his impact  on France in them of 80 (we also think of the  more synthetic Ptôse).