BACK TO BANDS AURES MOUSSONG DISCOGRAPHY on Le Cluricaun : . CL020 - Sonorités murales (shedule early 2015) Aures Moussong was born to life when he met  the music of Bach, Danny Elfman, Prokofiev,  Haendel, Bartók & Elliot Goldenthal. That  eclectic first encounter left a permanent mark.   Then many names came, from the so called  "classical" music to world music, from movie  records to Jazz, from electronic to avantgarde,  from ancient religious music to the experimental  one and this names and music returned to him  as a boomerang leaving it's permanent record.   Literature, cinema and history extended also his  domain making all this things being connected.  He studied an unorthodox career of  composition from 1998 to 2009. A second  "birth" happened during a life-travel in 2006. His  ears and heart came totally open to the music  of Eastern Europe and Middle East, wishing to  be part in some way of that musical tradition. A  suspicious from a long time ago became a fact.   His work is the final result of different music  genres inspired in a so called "spiritual"  approach to his life experiences, impressions,  memories and willing of inhabiting other lives  with his own. Principal creative field interests:  Contemporary music, cinematographic music,  dance music and experimentation with not  occidental music.