Le Cluricaun is a small friendly  sprite, mischievous and bon-  vivant. He lives in our houses,  protects his inhabitants and  restores them some balm in the  heart with his small funny and  facetious jokes.  As for the cooking, Le Cluricaun  likes the spicy, flavourful craft  music, made with passion and  love. As for good wines, he loves  that his records take time to age  and to improve in time.   Nothing annoys him more than the  flashy and disposable industrial  products which tarnish so fast  that their best before date.  Le Cluricaun is eclectic and  curious: he likes going there  where one do not wait for him,  lets drag its ears in the most  improper places, and does not  hesitate to make a commitment on  unknown roads if the landscape  countered him beautiful.  Kraut-pop, heavy-folk, eclectism, experimentation and bricolage since 2006 Webmaster : Seven Pines Photos : Noria Iorinav (Art photos) / Gaë Bolg (Norwegian landscapes) ENTER